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You’ve matured. You’ve got smarter. Yet you became sadder. Quite an ordinary staircase of three steps.

Life is a tango, in which the main thing is constant action. If you stop - the dance will stop, your life will stop as well.

When you love, you do not notice things that are not important. Your partner may have crooked teeth, short legs, and protruding ears. But if you find them beautiful, this is the only thing that matters. And if you do not love, then they can be quite gorgeous, with stunning eyes and a beautiful physique, but you won't care.

It is difficult to communicate with your ex ... After all, for each of them, there is still a place in your heart... And a drop of love will forever remain there ... It is ok to feel that love once again, but don’t fall from the same cliff twice.

True love is not only easy and pleasant, but it is always sincere. However, be ready to accept its cruelty and jealousness.

Tell me, why do we need smart, certified, and qualified state commission personnel to manage a nuclear power plant, yet we unanimously elect imbeciles to manage the entire state?

If your beloved woman likes someone else, this is not a reason for jealousy. It means that you’ve made the right choice. This is a reason for pride – you have someone else’s dream in your hands!

Every girl dreams of a bad boy who will be good only to her. Every boy dreams of a good girl who will be bad only to him.

And now, before you take the keys to my heart, you should first face with my selfishness, indifference, and self-confidence ... Surely one of them will discourage you from opening that lock ...

Once a man asked God: “Why should all the girls be sweet, gentle, tender, and women are all old and act like bitches?” And he received a reply: “I create girls, and you turn them into women!”

Women, undoubtedly, are smarter than men. There is hardly a meet european woman who would go crazy about a man only because of his beautiful legs.

I am not an egoist - I just know how to live for myself. I'm not arrogant - I just do not consider it necessary to smile at everyone. I'm not selfish – I just don’t want to help others when they don’t want any help. I'm not jealous - I'm just used to being single.

Winter is a time when you are waiting for summer, but at the same time you get filled with joy during a snowfall, and you are quietly humming the song from that old Coca-Cola advertisement to yourself.

If you wake up every morning, to realize that yesterday you learned something new - this is one of the conditions we absolutely need to feel happier!

I love to break the rules ... Therefore, I have a bad reputation ... No, not because of my behavior. I just do not live as others want me to!

Does anyone else take a cell phone out of their pocket to check the time, then put it back and remember that they forgot to check the time...?

I thank the people who came into my life and made it beautiful. And yet, I am more grateful to the people who left it and made it even better.

Here's something else that I do not understand: all sorts of motivational videos, motivation literature. What is this? Why does everyone need extra motivation? After all, it’s quite simple. You either want something or you don’t, what's the catch? Also, if you have enough motivation to go to the store and buy this book, maybe you are already quite motivated and you no longer need the book. Put it back where you’ve found it, tell the clerk "Go f*ck yourself, I'm motivated enough on my own!" And go home.

A computer does not obey the laws of physics. Only in a computer can a glitch appear just like that, for no reason, the files disappear to nowhere, and the volume is measured in meters and is referred to as a measure of weight.

It is necessary to cross out people from your life with a black marker, and not with a simple pencil, hoping that at any moment you can find an eraser...

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