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Take me for who I am! I am not the best, but there are plenty of people worse than me.
It will hurt - be patient. There will be tears – wipe them off. It will be difficult - hold on. And remember that this is life!
I am always jealous of my parents. I will never have such a cool child as they have.
I do not argue, I am just trying to explain why I'm right.
Knowledge is like underwear. It is useful to have it, but do not show it to everyone.
If you are offended, do not worry, life is a boomerang, the evil that was caused to you will return to those who caused you paid.
It is better to have a lion as an enemy than a rat as a friend!
The problem is not in the problem itself; the problem is in your attitude to the problem.
When you think that you are unable to forgive, remember how many times you have been forgiven.
You can love and not date at the same time, you can date, but not love.
He who wants to help people will do so even with their hands tied behind their back.
If you want to see a rainbow, then be ready to face the rain.
It is better to be in the arms of a person who loves you than at the feet of a person you love.
There will always be problems in life. But the choice is ours: either to whine or to solve them.
We do not love people with whom we are in a relationship. We are in love with the moments that we’ve shared with them.
Beautiful and wise as gods, but sad as the inhabitants of the earth ...
Facts are sacred, and opinions are optional.
God created you to be original and unique, do not become a stupid copy ...
If fate brought you to me, then your time has come to pay for your sins.
I don't care what people say about me, what matters is what my heart says.
Life is such a thing that, if you stumble, it will be difficult to get back up.
Banditry arises when a state does not offer its society other ways of obtaining reasonable wealth.
The biggest mystery is life, the greatest wealth is the children, and the greatest happiness is when your parents are near and happy.
Strength is not about flexing with your muscles, it is about helping those who are in need!
Each flower is beautiful in its own way, and, in the same way, there are no ugly girls.
When trouble comes to you, call a friend. If friends come uninvited, then call upon their enemies.
Over time, you get tired of reaching out to people who do not take a step towards getting to know you.
Your reputation is more important than any salary, and honesty is more important than your career.
Did you read a book that changed your life? Me neither.
My kindness ends where your insolence becomes ridiculous!
Do not look back. Move forward. The people that need you will surely catch up with you.
Believe me, as long as you have a mom, you will be happy. No riches of the world, no people and luxury will replace her.
I will not be the way you want to see me, I will be the way I want.
A man who does not go towards his goal is no longer a man!
It is never too late to become what you want to be.
Look at yourself, and only then criticize others.
Happiness exists, it cannot be found just like that, you just need to know where to dig for it...
You are very huge and strong, but if power and size would be the deciding factors in life, then the ELEPHANT would be the king of the jungle.
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