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Toppest Collection Of Awkward Status

Toppest Collection Of Awkward Status : Hello friends First of all thanks you for landing this page here you found Toppest Collection Of Awkward Status.So if are here to found some interesting Toppest Collection Of Awkward Status For Whatsapp&Facebook so we can say that you are at right palace.So let’s jump into the collection and enjoy!

The awkward moment when you’ve already said ‘what?’ three times and still have no idea what the person said, so you just agree. 😛

The awkward moment when you’re in the movie theater and your little baby sister/brother starts crying and everyone looks at you. 😛

That awkward moment when someone calls your name and don’t know where the voice is coming from so you ignore it. 😛

That awkward moment when someone posts a status saying to like it, and nobody likes it. 😛

That awkward moment when you’re caught naked grabbing a towel, thinking nobody was home. 😀

That awkward moment when someone says hello and you answer good you??

That awkward moment when you say the wrong answer aloud in class… Confidently. 😛

That Awkward Moment when a package says ‘Easy open’ and you end up using scissors, knife, hammer, gun and a light saber trying to open it.

That awkward moment when you call your teacher mom… 😛

That awkward moment in class when your teacher asks you a question and everyone’s watching you and you have no clue what the answer is.

Its awkward moment when you post a funny status on Facebook and someone has to ruin it by commenting being all serious!

That awkward moment when you fart really loud and look around all obvious to see if anybody is looking.

That Awkward Moment – When everyone is laughing and you’re like ‘What just happened?’

The awkward moment when someone starts a sentence with the awkward momentwhen its not even awkward.

The awkward moment when someone tells you how much they hate someone, and then the next day they’re best friends.

That awkward moment when you post an awkward moment status on Facebook and spell awkward wrong. 😛

Its awkward moment when you actually left your homework home.

That awkward moment when you’re yelling at someone and you mess up a word.

Its awkward moment when you are ignoring a call and accidentally answer it. 😛

Its awkward moment when you say ‘Goodbye!’ to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.

Its awkward moment when you tell your crush a joke and he doesn’t get it.

Its awkward when someone is wearing a skin colored shirt and you think they’re naked.

That awkward moment when you say ‘I Love You’ on the phone and the person says WHAT?? ………. COME AGAIN…!!

That awkward moment when you remember something funny in your head and laugh to yourself then see everybody looking at you like you’re crazy.

The awkward moment when you reach over grab your cup to drink and just realize you have nothing left and thinking when did I take my last sip. 😛

That awkward moment when you start telling a story and you realize no one’s listening, so you slowly fade out and pretend you never said anything.

That awkward moment during a test and you don’t know any of the answers, so you just start laughing because you know you’re screwed. 😀 😛

That awkward moment when you’re at the grocery store and someones standing by what you need, so just you pretend to look at something else until they move.

That awkward moment when you forgot to end the call on your mobile phone, now your crush knows what you’re saying to your friends about them! 😛

That awkward moment when I ask you to share my page on your profile, but you don’t because you don’t want your friends to know where you get your funny statuses. 😛

The awkward moment when your friend is arguing with their parents and their parents turns towards you and asks ‘Do you ever talk to your parents like this?’ 😛

That awkward moment when you say ‘Hey’ to someone on Facebook chat, and seconds later they sign out.. 😛

The awkward moment when you’re eating dinner at someone else’s house and you don’t like the food, but you have to pretend to like it.

That awkward moment when your mom compares you to another kid and yet she has NO idea how much worse they are than you.

That awkward moment when you’re checking yourself out in the window of a car and then realize there is someone inside.

That awkward moment when you see one of your old best friends, but they hate you now.

That awkward moment when the internet isn’t working and you genuinely don’t know what to do with your life.

That awkward moment when you accidentally type your password into your user name box. :P\

That awkward moment when a little kid stares at you like you have done something wrong.

That awkward moment when you pick up the remote control to answer the phone.

That awkward moment when somebody is talking about you when you’re right there. 😀

The awkward moment when you say look a star, but its really an airplane. 😀

The awkward moment when your phone vibrates in a quiet class, and everybody hears it. :O

The awkward moment when you want to talk with someone from your past, but you can’t find a topic of discussion 😛 😀

That awkward moment when you’re drinking something and your straw gets a hole in it.

That awkward moment when you are single and all of your friends are in a relationship. 😛

That awkward moment when someone deletes their comment on Facebook and you look like you are talking to yourself..!! 😛

That awkward moment when you don’t know if you should hug someone or not.

That awkward moment when you wave to someone and it turns out they were waving to the person behind you. 😛

That awkward moment when you accidentally call your boss ‘Honey’.

That awkward moment when you want to buy something, check the price and sadly, leave it there.

That awkward moment when you are late for class, and when you walk in, everyone stares at you like you killed someone.

That awkward moment when a teacher catches you texting.

That awkward moment when you wave to someone… but they don’t wave back! :P\

That awkward moment when you have 10 tabs open and you cant figure out which one the music is coming from.

That awkward moment when you’re walking out of a room like a model and your bag hooks on the door handle. 😛

That awkward moment when shipping and handling costs more than your order. 😛

That awkward moment when someone likes your Facebook picture you uploaded 8 months ago… 😛

That awkward moment when you throw something at your friend and it hits somebody else. 😛

That awkward moment when you’re playing with your pen in class and suddenly it flies across the room.

That awkward moment when you sing the wrong part of a song with confidence.

That awkward moment when someone’s staring at your keyboard while you’re typing your password.

That awkward moment when you insult someone in a status without using their name and they’re so clueless they like it.

That Awkward moment when you go out wearing new clothes and none of your friends see you, so you wear them again the next day.

That awesome moment when you say something really funny and everyone laughs, so you just sit there like a boss. 😛

The awkward moment when you have crunchy food in a room full of silent people.

That awkward moment when Jesus says ‘Follow Me’ and you ask for his Twitter user name.

That awkward moment when you chew on someone else’s pen. 😛

That awkward moment when you congratulate a fat lady for being pregnant.

That awkward moment when your crush asks you who you like.

The awkward moment when you think a customer is a salesperson.

That awkward moment when someone you hate says something funny and you try not to laugh. 😛

That awkward moment when you try checking out a friend’s Page, and you find out you’ve been blocked. 😛

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